Inland and Offshore Contractors Ltd is devoted to minimizing health, safety and environmental risks which can cause potential damage to employees, persons, clients, property and environment. IOCL works towards creating a safety culture in which “Everyone believes that accidents are preventable”. IOCL hosts an annual HSE week, which is dedicated to activities, training, and staff participation. Employees get together to promote HSE awareness and teamwork. IOCL’s HSE week is about delivering positive energy with a safe perspective.


IOCL has achieved STOW certification since September 2015, and has successfully maintained its standards since. The company management system is audited by STOW TT. This is a voluntary system that provides guidance and quality and environmental management approach that identifies the relationship between the producers and processes.


Both internal and external training programs are available for employees if Inland and Offshore Contractors Limited.

Some training offered is as follows:

  1. First Aid
  2. Defensive driving
  3. Banksman and rigging operations
  4. Fire training
  5. HIAB Operator
  6. Risk Assessment