Inland and Offshore Contractors Limited is a diverse transportation service company.


Inland and Offshore Contractors Ltd is a Trinidad and Tobago service based provider. The company has become amongst the largest marine and truck transport contractor companies. IOCL has been expanding its operations locally, regionally and internationally. Persons are employed locally, regionally and internationally which ensures that we attract the most suitable candidates for our operations. IOCL is committed to supplying high quality services as well as maintaining professional relationships. The company has numerous long-standing relationships with major players operating in the industry. Creating and sustaining close relationships with past and previous clients allows the company to be aware and knowledgeable of their immediate needs. This market requires a great deal of flexibility in order to withstand frequent changes and adjustments.


Our employees are recognized as our greatest asset. We are very proud of our dedicated employees who maintain productive working ethics and a safety culture, allowing our company to expand and flourish. We offer job placement for trainees entering the mechanical and electrical fields which allow them to gain valuable and useful information, along with the working experience. There are several programs in both our offshore and onshore sectors, which allow individuals to train to become more experienced in their chosen line of work.


Vessel length ranges from 45 feet to 230 feet. To date, there are currently six state-of-the-art-computer-controlled, dynamic positioning vessels in the system. In the trucking division, cranes have lifting capabilities, which range from 6 to 45 tons. IOCL continuously upgrades its equipment and technology in order to keep up with industrial needs and requirements.