Our Story

Inland and Offshore Contractors Limited is a diverse transportation service company. It was founded in 1996 by Phillip Pollonais, Scot Pollonais and Jason Pollonais. Having had a combined total of over 90 years experience in the Petroleum Industry, they saw an increased need for efficient land and marine transport services.

Over the past few years I.O.C.L has become one of the largest and most efficient Land Transport providers in Trinidad and Tobago. IOCL has expanded its operations to include heavy tractor trucks, trailers and tankers to provide specialized Transport Services to the entire Energy and Commercial Industry.

At the time of conception, the first small utility vessel was acquired and operations began with Petrotrin Trinmar fields in the south of Trinidad. The company’s fleet and operations grew over the next eight years within Trinmar fields. IOCL then ventured into different areas of operations, such as: the East Coast, Northern Trinidad and Caribbean regions. The company’s fleet has expanded since then, to a total of 46 vessels, ranging between 45ft - 175ft in length.

Company Relations

Inland and Offshore Contractors Limited is a Trinidad and Tobago based provider. The company has become one of the largest truck companies, as well as one of the largest marine transport contractors. The company has a range of crew that provide transport for various offshore rigs. IOCL has been expanding locally, regionally and internationally.

IOCL is committed to supplying high quality services as well as maintaining professional relationships. The company has numerous long-standing relationships with major players operating in the industry. Creating and sustaining close relationships with past and previous clients allows the company to be aware and knowledgeable of their immediate needs. This market requires a great deal of flexibility in order to withstand frequent changes and adjustments.

Employees & Trainees

We are very proud of our dedicated employees who maintain productive working ethics and a safety culture, which allows the company to grow and remain compatible.

IOCL offers job placement for trainees entering the mechanical and electrical fields. This allows individuals who are entering the field to gain valuable and useful information, along with the working experience. There is also a program for the marine sector, which allows individuals to train to become an experienced sailor.

Employees & Trainees


Vessel length ranges from 45 to 175 feet. To date, there are currently four state-of-the-art-computer-controlled, dynamic positioning vessels in the system. In the trucking division, cranes have lifting capabilities, which range from 6 to 45 tons. IOCL continues to upgrade its equipment and technology in order to keep up with industrial needs and requirements.

HSE Involvement

HSE Policies are constantly reviewed and improved to ensure that all gaps are closed. There is a strong HSE culture at IOCL and in so, everyone is aware of his or her responsibility and accountability. Sustainability and environmental protection are amongst the top priorities for IOCL. For years, the company has strived to provide a workplace free from health, safety, welfare and environmental risks.